The Iban Food

Manok Pansoh

Manok Pansoh, where the word ‘manok’ is chicken and ‘pansoh’ is bamboo in Dayak Languages, is the traditional food of the Iban tribe, the natives of Sarawak,Borneo. The food itself has becoming popular not just amongs the Iban people, but also to the Sarawakians. Usually, during many special occasions, especially during the festival times, they normally serves this kind of food. The food (meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and sometimes even rice together with the spices) will all be put together into the bamboo stem, then directly placed over an open fire to be cooked. The uniqueness of using the bamboo stem to cook is that the bamboo will give a special aroma and texture to the food where it’s impossible to have using other methods such as using  the woks.



Generally, in Sarawak, people loves this drink so much when they have any special occasion and festivals, especially during Gawai celebration. Tuak, or rice wine is a sepcial kind of drink that made out of fermented rice with yeast and sugar or sometimes the sugarcane although the first one is popular during the past. It normally served as a welcoming drink to the guests other than become a special drink during the celebrations.


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